Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Closet is going to be full.

Pewter Black Feather Earrings: $12.00
Cognac Studded Belt: $24.00
Black Studded Cardigan: $44.00
Black Heart Fishnet Tights: $15.00
Went online shopping again. . . oops. Anyways the cardigan is totally rock chic, cant wait to wear with a good pair of converse! Plus I was in dire need of a brown belt and black heart fishnets. Oh la la. I love Torrid but sometimes their prices are a bit high BUT they do give good discounts! Subscribe to their emails, you wont regret it.
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  1. Thanks for following, can't wait to see more of your blog :D

  2. yeah i was just thinking that about torrid prices... whatever! lolz that belt is to die for tho! :) thank u for the comment! yeah i thought it'd be fairly easy but i just keep seeing my stack of jeans getting neglected in my closet :::sigh::: poor babies! :'( lolz

    - Iza

  3. I'm loving your blog layout! Can't wait to read more post:) Awesome job so far! I'll be following.