.:About Me:.

Talk to me I'm a cool girl. I don't bite.
At least not until I know you. I'm a bitch
I'll be the first one to tell you that. Most of my friends would probably agree.
I'm weird, I'm random, I'm loveable, I'm good at what I do, I'm straightforward, I'm honest, and I'm open minded.
Any questions?
Feel free to ask.

Lalala if I could only ever ever do one thing, I would want to be able to make people smile. It doesn't matter who you are. There are three kinds of people, people who smile, people who are dead, and liars. You smile, you know you do. You know that you probably have in the last ten minutes, I may not have been the one that made you do it, but the fact that someone can put everything aside for 2 seconds and put a smile on really makes my day. If you ever want to give me something, give me the satisfaction that you enjoy time with me, give me a smile, a real smile. Trust me, it won't hurt anyone.

If I could have the choice of only having one of the 5 senses what would it be?
Smell is great, you mow the lawn and take a deep breath, taking in the scent of hard work being paid off, you come home and dinner is ready, you spend five minutes taking your shoes off to try and figure out what you are about to taste. Taste brings the scent much much closer to you, but it only lasts for a second, what you see may taste different that it looks. It is amazingly nice to open your eyes up in the morning and see the sun rising, to see an endless stretch of water on the beach, or to see that special someone with a smile .. they hear your whispered words. Hearing is most of comprehending. You hear someone talking to you, you make sense of the words, you communicate anything you want that way. Nothing at all can beat feeling though. It's fun to kick back and listen to raindrops hitting the ground, or smell the freshness that the water brings, or watch the rainbow form, but what beats the feeling of running and playing in the rain? Taking in every drop, each one releasing more and more of your inner child? 
Just thinking puts a smile on my face.

It's the little things in life that get to me, that's why I do them. It makes my day to get just a little bit of someone's time for them to say good morning or goodnight, or to ask me how my day is. If I like you, I call you love, or I call you another little name, I like a lot of people, I give everyone a chance, even the people that hate me. I live life to the fullest, I look towards the positive in everything. When a flower dies, I don't see sorrow, I don't see death, I see a sacrifice for more flowers to grow. If I spend my whole life helping everyone else be happy, and miss out on my happiness, so be it. Self-sacrifice is the key to success.

But what is success? You answer that question. Success it a point-of-view. No one can tell you that you are successful or unsuccessful except for yourself. To me, success is happiness. Mine is my last priority. People tend to do better when they are happy, so why not give them that little nudge? To me, success is that smile. People wish they can take stuff back and do things differently. The universe is set for your own divine perfection. Every little, or big, mistake that you make changes you. Better or worse, you will change. I am happy with who I am. I will not change anything in my past no matter how appealing it may sound. I am happy with myself.